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Just like how disjointed letters are brought together to create a meaningful word in Scrabble, our pursuit is to work with our clients and candidates to help them find that right match and build a meaningful relationship.

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"Jack of all trades, and master of none" is a concept, which we have never endorsed. We strongly believe that in a consulting business, it is very important to create super specialisation. Our teams are built in a way, where they can be true advisors as subject matter experts to clients and candidates, and assist them in finding the right solution.

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Private Banking
Financial Markets are lucrative , cut throat and extremely volatile and every major finance house fights to have an edge over the market .This edge comes from having the right person , in the right place every single time. Headed by Shruti and Dolly who together bring a vast experience of 12 years in Private Banking avenue along with their team ensure in providing a consistent , sharpened edge to our clients in Private banking and Legal - Non BFSI business. The team ensures placing the right leadership talent with the right client which ensures a synergy of ideology and action , paving the way for continued growth and setting industry wide standards
Enterprise Sales and Marketing

Towards achieving any significant objective, capabilities must be brought to bear and most critical capabilities are often the skills embedded in an organization’s talent. In the present day disruptive marketplace, every organization needs to attract, develop, and retain talent with diverse skills and perspectives. The premise for all of this lies in a clear sense of shared mission and values.


Ruchi Malhotra and her team acknowledges that there is a fundamental difference between hiring people to do what you want and hiring people who already want what you want. With this as a foremost agenda, the team has partnered with and handled firms at various stages of growth, helping them ramp up leadership talent in the enterprise (B2B) sales and marketing function.

BFSI Tech & Corporate Functions
Led by Manish, the team brings in a versatile experience from Educational Teaching, Real Estate Sales and Banking. The team specializes in BFSI hiring in multiple positions across tech, legal, compliance, risk, audit and other support functions. Armed with rich experience in managing senior CXO placements & team build outs, we can offer the right mix of opportunities to the candidate(s), as well as showcasing the best talent to the client(s).
Sales and Marketing B2C & Consumer Tech

It is rightly said that opportunities don't just happen - you make them. And they seldom come with little risk. Take that leap of faith & make bold decisions.


Having tried her hand at CA & entrepreneurship, Sohini Shah Kothari now leads a young yet diverse team with experience across risk & executive search. The team has successfully placed sales & marketing leadership across a variety of start-ups in the B2C space.


The Finance Function globally is changing shape. While rock solid compliance and effective controls continue to form the backbone of this function, Finance leaders are playing much more strategic roles.


Led by Mohita Khilwani, The Finance hiring vertical at Scrabble gets the nerve of this changing landscape. With an indepth connect within the ecosystem, this team brings a thorough understanding of what a finance function does during every unique stage of an organization.


We have successfully placed multiple candidates from Seed stage platforms to listed entities across distinct roles such as CFOs, Business finance, Financial Controller, Tax, Treasury, M&A, Corporate Development and Audit.

Asset Management and Insurance

The right leader can change the trajectory of an organization. Our research-based approach along with an ingrained deep understanding of our client’s needs enables us find the Leaders who fit seamlessly within the organization.


Led by Vivek, the team has been part of numerous leadership hiring assignments helping diverse platforms hire exceptional leaders across all functions within the entire buy-side viz. MFs, Insurance, PMS & AIFs.

HR, Strategy & Operations

“As Jim Collins says in his book – The Good to Great – "People are not a company’s most important asset, The RIGHT PEOPLE are!”


To this extent, Scrabble ensures that we work closely with our partner firms to understand their vision and culture, and the skills they seek to recruit, while equally on the other side working towards understanding the success stories and motivations of the talent that we interview, in order to determine the "RIGHT FIT".

With several years of industry experience, Vandana and her team at HR, Strategy and Ops exemplify the values of finding the right fit.


As with any major life development, such as a change in career, a dose of soul-searching and reflection could be just what one needs to make the right decision.

Led by Praveen Tiwari, the team brings rich experience across diverse backgrounds including tech, sales, program management, and operation. The team has successfully placed multiple leadership roles across Consumer tech, SAAS, and Fintech platforms.

Incumbent Enterprises Sales & Marketing | Legal
Keep going back to your WHY and the path will unfold! Context and Diversity encourage long standing organizations build teams to not just address today's business objectives, however to also ensure they are striving to create benchmarks for where they stand tomorrow. Successful Incumbent, Traditional or Legacy Enterprises have continuously broken the moulds of "this is how its been done" to reconstruct newer paradigms. The accelerators for this shift have been minds (and hearts) who go beyond their "jobs'. This Practice Area supports Incumbent Industry Segments build Sales & Marketing, Business and Legal teams at all levels that are contextual, diverse and striving for Gold Standards.

Moyna Gopal, with an extensive career in Sales & Marketing with Hospitality, Media, FMCG, Retail and Security Services now leads a diverse team that lives and breathes this ideology to support their clients through a "Client at the Helm and Heart" Approach.
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Working in teams

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Modern technology

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Hiring Process

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Role Analysis

Investment Manager: Solar Power Start-up in Africa

Role: Investment Manager | SkillSet | Job Description



Category Evaluation

Target Sectors/Segments: Mapping out the Sector

Financial Institutions | Start-Ups & SMEs | Banks



Firm Recommendations

Target Players/Competitors: Mapping out the relevant companies and insights



Talent Recommendations

Top Notch Talent: Post Evaluation from the target pool



Closure: End to End



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My experience working with Scrabble has been very enriching. They are an ace team with deep knowledge and capability in varied industry segments,which with their high professionalism and client centricity has added tremendous value to our organisation in our talent capability/search proposition. I wish them greater success in their journey ahead!
Swayam Sen
Swayam Sen, Avanse Financial
I started working with Scrabble because of my relationship with Lakshmi! She is my go to person for any senior level recruitment requirement of the organisation. In my earlier organisation, we were a stable organisation and didn't have many open positions, yet Lakshmi would make it a point to meet/engage with me with market updates etc. I really appreciate her persistence and market knowledge. She has built a good team at Scrabble and it is a wonderful experience to work with her and her team.
Reesha, Baroda BNP
Working with Scrabble has been highly rewarding. Their team's expertise across diverse industries and unwavering professionalism have significantly improved our talent acquisition. Wishing them continued success in their future endeavors.
Anjani Kuumar
Anjani Kumar, MX Player
We have partnered w/ Scrabble across multiple role w/ our portfolio firms and the experience has been great. The team has deep expertise which helps in decoding the role and the right fitment and are action oriented. They have closed multiple positions successfully and have high NPS w/ the founders as well as us. Look forward to them to keep adding value to this relationship.
Siddharth Sangwan
Siddharth Sangwan, Lightspeed
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