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Founding Team

  • Naveen Tiwari Naveen Tiwari

    I strongly believe that everybody deserves to be where they are in their lives, because of the choices they have made. Extremely passionate about cricket & movies, I also love performing on stage with my professional improv group named “Kaamedy”.

    I take Life as it comes and currently I am a banker-turned recruiter, who is enabling companies scale their businesses by assisting them in hiring top quality talent.

  • Swati Saboo Swati Saboo

    A Chartered Accountant by qualification, a hard core sales person by profession and Yoga Enthusiast by passion.

    Started my career as a Research Analyst and later ventured into executive search.

  • Lakshmi Santhanam Lakshmi Santhanam

    What's unique about me is the rigor and passion that define my art. That acts as the main propellant to every conversation that I have, every person that I meet - the result is merely a byproduct. Like many other business folks forayed into executive search, I am a former banker who found my calling in being a People Enthusiast.

    I have found success in leveraging my experience and learnings to help talent and organizations become futureready. What otherwise keeps me occupied is my penchant for numbers - puzzles, Sudoku's, et al and writing.

  • Dolly Tejwani Dolly Tejwani

    Being meditative in whatever you do is the whole essence of being who you are.

    I thrive on empathy and trust and share these emotions in every relationship that crosses my path.

    As a recruiter for more than 7years now, what has helped me and can be pathfinder for many - "Understanding a question is half the answer and the other half is #Research”.

  • Shruti Ingale Shruti Ingale

    I believe in being kind to strangers. A photographer by passion who likes to capture the essence of things that transpire around me.

    Things that would later-on remind us of joyful moments. I am someone you can easily talk-to and will feel welcome around.

    As a Professional I am a level-headed Consultant, who has captured the essence of recruitment. Having worked in this space for more than 7 years, I can help you provide the right job seeker/job.

  • Mohita Khilwani Mohita Khilwani

    One of the most critical decisions to make in life is the people that we surround ourselves with. With this mantra in life, I have believed in taking the right risks and standing up for what I believe in.

    And if things don't work out as planned, there is nothing that a strong cup of coffee can’t fix. From Founding a tech startup 'Coffic' and building my own team, I have now come on the other side of the table.

    As a recruiter, I believe in truly partnering with my clients, walking their journey and helping them build their dream team.

  • Smit Joshi Smit Joshi

    To see with eyes unclouded. I'm passionate about Sales, Relationship Building and end-to-end Client Management.

    I have a knack for reading (both fiction and non-fiction), music, movies and early morning runs.

    Gen-Z by age, Millennial in terms of dedication and raw will-power, Gen-X when it comes to professionalism.

  • Praveen Tiwari Praveen Tiwari

    As a techie, I have always believed in automation. A well tested code will always give the same output agnostic of the iterations.

    Interestingly, the same does not work with people. Situations evolve and so do we.

    I am a techie with 15 years of experience in service and product engineering now evolved into Executive Search.

  • Sohini Shah Kothari Sohini Shah Kothari

    “It's not about how hard you can hit, it's about how hard you can 'get' hit and keep moving.” I am passionate about dogs, painting and I strongly believe in the path of spirituality.

    I always follow my heart and do things that I love. My love for cooking various cuisines turned me into an entrepreneur of an exciting culinary startup “The Suburban Bean”.

    A semi-qualified CA professional turned Entrepreneur and now a Search Professional. My friendly and open nature allows me to have honest conversations with everyone I interact with.

  • Vandana Singh Sridhar Vandana Singh Sridhar

    “As Jim Collins in his book - The Good to Great, says - People are not a company's most important asset. The RIGHT PEOPLE are!” To this extent, I have always enjoyed getting a sense of the vision, culture and skills that companies seek to recruit and equally on the other side in meeting talented people, understanding their success stories and motivations to determine a “FIT”.

    With over 12 years of experience in both Ops & Hiring, I believe that I am in this unique intersection of Passion, Skill and Value (Ref. IKIGAI) at Scrabble, working with a wonderful, high-energy team. When I am not working, I love reading, going on long drives amidst lush green nature & spending time with family.

  • Shobhita Lakshmanan Shobhita Lakshmanan

    I firmly believe that climbing to the top demands strength and character, whether it is to the top of Mt. Everest or to the top of your career. An MBA by qualification, marketing person by profession and a classical dancer by passion.

    I enjoy cooking & gardening as much as I enjoy eating and sleeping. But most of all I love spending time with my loved ones. Started my career in marketing and then ventured into recruitment helping companies build the most important asset "The right people".

  • Sachin Yadav Sachin Yadav

    I have worked with fast paced edtech startups and have taken businesses from 0 to 1 to 2. I believe that 50% hardwork and 50% smartwork yields 100% results.

    In my free time I like to explore nature, spend time with my folks and watch sci-fi flicks.

  • Pooja Bedi Pooja Bedi

    As a believer in Buddhist Philosophies, respect and compassion are at the core of my being. I enjoy indulging in value-creating conversations and it makes me happy to encourage people to do their utmost best. As a professional, I have donned many hats - from a private banker to an event decorator and then a travel agent.

    Having a child has been the most fulfilling experience of my life, I now know the meaning of unconditional love. Scrabble has given me the wonderful opportunity to amalgamate all the roles I play in life and lead as Myself!

  • Naba Ishrat Naba Ishrat

    I hold a master’s degree in finance and have a rich experience of more than 5 years in various NBFC, Fintech. I am of the opinion that life is not easy, but perseverance and above all self-confidence helps in realizing one’s potential. I jumped guns after CA (Inter) and went on to pursue my masters which gave me the first stepping stone to make the cut into the corporate world.

    Prior to joining Scrabble, I held various positions in ANZ, Indifi, Fullerton and Bajaj. I enjoy spending time with family, painting and travelling in my free time.


Private Banking

Private Banking

  • CEO
  • Sales and Relationship Management
  • Product and Advisory
  • Business Head
  • Zonal Head
  • Team Buyouts
  • Client Experience
  • Service and Operation
  • Technology


  • CFO
  • Business Finance
  • Strategy
  • Chief of Staff
  • M&A
  • Fund Raising & IR
  • Financial Controller
  • Audit & Taxation
Human Resource

Human Resource

  • CHRO/Head HR
  • Learning & Development
  • Talent Management
  • HR Business Partner
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Plant HR
  • Organizational Development
AMC & Operations

AMC & Operations

  • CEO/CXO hiring across functions
  • Investments
  • Sales, Operations, Product
  • Risk
  • Marketing
  • COO
  • Head of Operations
  • Head of Operations Risk
  • Head of Treasury Operations
  • Customer Service
  • Facilities Management
  • CRES
  • Custody/DP/Fund Services


  • Investments
  • Sales
  • Digital & Analytics
  • Actuary
  • Risk
  • Product
  • Claims, Underwriting & Persistency
  • Head of Operations
  • Finance
  • Audit
Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing

  • Head of Marketing
  • Head of Sales
  • Regional Sales & Marketing Lead
  • Head Brand Management
  • Head Consumer Insights
  • Head Product Marketing
  • Performance Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Sales Enablement
  • Demand Generation


  • CTO
  • VP Engineering
  • Director Engineering
  • Product Management
  • Design - Graphics & UI
  • Back End Engineering
  • Front End Engineering
  • Full Stack Developer
  • User Experience/Interface
  • iOS/Android Developers
  • Head of Data Science
  • Data Engineering
  • Data Analytics

Search Process

Role Analysis

Investment Manager: Solar Power Start-up in Africa

Role: Investment Manager

  • Location: Africa
  • Sector: Solar Power
  • Category: Start-Up
  • Experience: 3-8years


  • Investment Analysis
  • Portfolio Evaluation
  • Business Development
  • Deal Management

Job Description

  • Must have managed a solar power lending ecosystem.
  • Must have experience in sourcing and evaluating deals in the African market.
  • Must be able tp work independently in a fastpaced environment.
  • Should hold a MBA/Masters degree from a reputed institute.

Category Evaluation

Target Sectors/Segments: Mapping out the Sector

Financial Institutions

Renewable Energy Investment Teams

Start-Ups & SMEs

Similar Ecosystems
Sunfunder Mosaic Oiko Credit


Structured Deals / Investment Teams
Standard Chartered HSBC

Firm Recommendations

Target Players/Competitors: Mapping out the relevant companies and insights

  • Mosaic

    Founded in 2010, the firm offers a range of Solar Energy products such as Powerswitch Zero (No payments for 12 months), Choice (FederalTax Benefit), Plus (Solar HV AC, roofs) and would provide strong relevant talent.

  • Sunfunder

    Founded in 2012, the firm is a leading fund manager and intermediary for solar energy investments in the Sub-Saharan African region. Based out of Kenya, it would offer a flux of talent pool for oursearch.

  • Oik Credit

    Founded in 1975, the firm is quite prominent in Micro & SME lending and while their focus is not predominantly solar products , they do have a strong presence in Africa, wherein relevant talent would have the skills we require.

  • Sungage Financial

    Founded in 2012, the firm provides a centralized market place for Installers & Homeowners looking for solar energy options which has created a healthy ecosystem for millions of customers. It resonates with Nithio’s vision.

  • Spurce

    Founded in 2015, the firm specializes in residential solar finance and in their short run of 5 years, they have created a presence across 50 states. Given it’s focus on customer centric solar products, it would be a strong talent pool.

  • Energy Access Ventures

    Having partnered with Schneider Electric, CDC Group, European Investment Bank and many more, the firm has been dedicated to provide sustainable energy options inAfrica.

  • Sunnova

    Founded in 2012 the firm has gone through 2 Cycles of lay-offs and the company is now defunct (public auction on 7th December 2020). Talent which had to move due to the company’s financial, would be good fit for theroles.

Talent Recommendations

Top Notch Talent: Post Evaluation from the target pool

Candidate ABC
Candidate ABC
Investment Analyst (Company X)
  • In his current role, he is responsible for deal origination, due diligence, deal structuring and implementation of performance monitoring plans for portfolio companies.
  • He has strong exposure to Energy storage, waste to energy and waste management software in the solar space acrossAfrica.
  • While his experience in relevant sectors is close to 3 years, he possesses skills across business development, structuring and portfolio management in the solar sector.
  • He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce: Finance from Strathmore University and graduated in ‘15.
Candidate XYZ
Candidate XYZ
Associate Investment Officer (Company Y)
  • In her current role, she is responsible for deal origination, due diligence, deal structuring and business valuations.
  • She has exposure across Energy, Financial Services and Technology sectors in EastAfrica.
  • While his previous experience has been towards audit and assignments, he has relevant understanding of the energy sector and is proficient in core financial due diligence (Term Sheets, Business Analysis etc.)
  • She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce – Finance ‘10 and MSc in Finance ’19 both from University of Nairobi.

Closure: End to End

Role Closure:

Final Steps

  • Offering complete assistance during the offer negotiation stage.
  • Ensuring confirmations of Resignation and Date-ofJoining.
  • Keeping the client updated and staying in touch with the candidate regularly during his/her notice period.

Post Joining

  • Staying in touch with the Candidate post joining.
  • Keeping abreast of his/her experience and handholding them during the entire onboarding process.
  • Monthly check-ins to evaluate their progress.

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