Founded in 2021, Scrabble is a professional recruitment consultancy firm that assists its clients in placing ideal candidates at executive and leadership positions.
We are a team of experienced professionals, working closely with both candidates and clients to make sure we find the best matches for them."



From finding the perfect candidates to navigating unexpected twists; a journey of excellence, communication, and unwavering responsibility that sets us apart.


Radical Candour

With transparent dialogue and accountable actions, we wove a tale of trust, excellence, and successful talent placement, shaping the future of executive recruitment.



We specialize in identifying leaders who align with the values, culture, and goals, ensuring a seamless integration and exceptional organizational success.



Our firm blends professionalism with a touch of fun, creating engaging experiences and fostering vibrant connections across industries.


Entreprenuerial mindset

We embark on a quest for entrepreneurial trailblazers. Risk-takers, innovators, and visionaries

Hiring Process

About O


Role Analysis

Investment Manager: Solar Power Start-up in Africa

Role: Investment Manager | SkillSet | Job Description



Category Evaluation

Target Sectors/Segments: Mapping out the Sector

Financial Institutions | Start-Ups & SMEs | Banks



Firm Recommendations

Target Players/Competitors: Mapping out the relevant companies and insights



Talent Recommendations

Top Notch Talent: Post Evaluation from the target pool



Closure: End to End



Letter P Bottom
Letter E
We have partnered w/ Scrabble across multiple role w/ our portfolio firms and the experience has been great. The team has deep expertise which helps in decoding the role and the right fitment and are action oriented. They have closed multiple positions successfully and have high NPS w/ the founders as well as us. Look forward to them to keep adding value to this relationship.
Siddharth Sangwan
Siddharth Sangwan, Lightspeed
Working with Scrabble has been highly rewarding. Their team's expertise across diverse industries and unwavering professionalism have significantly improved our talent acquisition. Wishing them continued success in their future endeavors.
Anjani Kuumar
Anjani Kumar, MX Player
I started working with Scrabble because of my relationship with Lakshmi! She is my go to person for any senior level recruitment requirement of the organisation. In my earlier organisation, we were a stable organisation and didn't have many open positions, yet Lakshmi would make it a point to meet/engage with me with market updates etc. I really appreciate her persistence and market knowledge. She has built a good team at Scrabble and it is a wonderful experience to work with her and her team.
Reesha, Baroda BNP
My experience working with Scrabble has been very enriching. They are an ace team with deep knowledge and capability in varied industry segments,which with their high professionalism and client centricity has added tremendous value to our organisation in our talent capability/search proposition. I wish them greater success in their journey ahead!
Swayam Sen
Swayam Sen, Avanse Financial
Happy clients inspired by our loyalty and quality

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